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Covid-19 Update – March 27, 2020

March 27, 2020 update from USTA SC

To our South Carolina tennis family,

On behalf of USTA South Carolina, our office is thinking of you during this time. This global pandemic has put a strain on our community. We are aware that many facilities have closed, and some have been forced to lay off their workforce. 

We know that tennis creates a unique community like no other. It’s that sense of the community that we want to celebrate. We will be active on our social media channels and hope that you will interact with us.

Our staff is working from home and fully engaged in connecting with the providers in our state. We are actively brainstorming ideas for future play.

A lot may be uncertain right now, but we know this for sure: our tennis programs will be waiting for you with open arms when it is safe to resume activities. We are confident that when this passes, our players will be more excited than ever to get back on the court.

Until then, we will be in touch with any changes that may occur.  

James McKissick, President, USTA South Carolina 
Jennifer Gregg, Executive Director, USTA South Carolina