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Advocacy in Action

Part I: The Basics
Part II: Working with Elected Officials
Part III: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

This 3-part series was compiled from content shared at the 2023 USTA SC Community Tennis Development Workshop. The presentations have been edited for clarity and efficiency.

These modules can be used individually or as a group. They can be used as training pieces for community tennis meetings and can be shared broadly. The entire 3-part series is approximately 90 minutes and can be found below.


Advocacy in Action Part I
The Basics: Integrating Advocacy and Marketing
Sheryl McAlister (Sr. Director of Advocacy & Community Development)
Emily Russell Edgerton (Sr. Director of Marketing & Communications)

Advocacy in Action Part II
Working with Elected Officials
Seth Rose (D) Richland District 72

Advocacy in Action Part III
Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Dr. Jerry Odom (Richland County; City of Columbia)
Shirley Mills (Richland County; City of Columbia)
Bill Ennis (Town of Mt. Pleasant; Charleston area)
April Gift (Town of Mt. Pleasant; Charleston area)