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USTA SC Junior Tournament Information

Click here for the 2024 USTA SC Junior Tournament Schedule

**Please note that this schedule will be updated continuously throughout the year**

For the most up to date schedule and registration links, please use the links below to search for tournaments nationwide.

Click here for more information on junior player grants and scholarships



Starting in 2021, the USTA began using a new Junior Competitive Structure. Click here for information on the new structure, including point charts, comparisons of tournament levels, and FAQs.





  • Click here for the most up to date National Junior Ranking Lists.

If you believe that the current points listed for your player on the National Standings List is incorrect, please fill out this form with the player’s information and a brief description of the issue.

Click here to see how USTA assigns ranking points for junior players.





Mark your calendars for our next college showcase on June 29th, 2024! Click here for more information!

Calling all rising South Carolina high school juniors and seniors! If you are interested in playing college tennis, this showcase is for you! We are gathering coaches from all over the region to come watch you play! (This event is for South Carolina players only. We will not be selecting players from other states for this event.) 



The Southern Ozaki Junior Cup, formerly the Junior Davis/Fed Cup, was created to give juniors the opportunity to experience the thrill and camaraderie of tennis as a team coed sport. The name “Ozaki” was added to the title in 2019 to commemorate the recently retired Bill Ozaki, who served as the USTA Southern Director of Player Development & Programs for nearly 30 years. All nine states in the Southern section compete, with coaching provided, within each age division playing singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. The format includes 3 boys and 3 girls per age division (12U-18U) per state. The total team score determines a sectional winner. Players will earn National Level 4 points in this advanced team event.

Click here for more information on Southern Ozaki Junior Cup.

September 20-22, 2024 (typically player/coach meeting the Thursday before)
Rome Tennis Center at Berry College
100 Match Point Way NE, Rome, GA 30165

South Carolina has a selection committee that decides on the players invited to participate in the Southern Ozaki Junior Cup. Click here for the Southern Ozaki Junior Cup Team Selection Process for USTA South Carolina. Players who are interested and available are highly encouraged to submit a 2024 South Carolina Player Interest Form and the responses will be shared with the selection committee. The selection committee looks at a number of factors to help them make their decisions, including but not limited to:

  • National/ITF Standing (National standings lists, also where the players fall with regards to their standings in the Southern section)
  • Strength of UTR
  • Strength of WTN
  • Overall record
  • Rankings in higher age divisions
  • ITF/ITA results
  • Head-to-Head results among the candidates
  • Doubles skills/standings
  • Sportsmanship

Click here for the 2024 Southern Ozaki Junior Cup Coach Application.



The new Net Generation PlayTracker will help parents and players navigate their development progress, replacing the current stars and trophies system. Now, players will collect points on an engaging PlayTracker after playing in USTA Team Challenges, USTA Junior Team Tennis, and USTA Junior Circuit programs.

The Net Generation PlayTracker is for players aged 5-10 and their parents to track progress at USTA competitive events, all in one place. Click here for more information on the Net Generation Activity PlayTracker for 10U players.

Click here for instructions on how to do Coach Assessments for 7 and 8 year old players to move players from orange ball to green ball. Click here for the Customer Care article with step by step instructions on the Coach Assessment Guide.



Calling all 10U advanced green ball players! With all the junior tournament changes, USTA Southern wanted a junior tournament series just for you. The USTA Southern 10U Grand Prix is new and only for 10-and-under advanced green ball players. These events will be added to the USTA SC Junior Tournament Schedule throughout the year. Click here for more information on USTA Southern 10U Grand Prix Events.



Click here for USTA Resources for Players from USTA National.

USTA Player Development has multiple resources for parents of junior tennis players, from beginners to high performance. Click here for more information!



Player/Parent/Coach Helpful Links:


UPDATE – Suspension Points Apply to People Associated to Players

At the USTA 2022 Annual Meeting in March of 2022, changes were passed to the USTA Suspension Point System and Point Penalty System. They have been updated to expand when suspension points and/or code violations can be assessed to a player for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The changes went into effect May 1, 2022 and apply to USTA Regulation IV and Table 17Click here for an overview of the changes and some example scenarios.


Please contact Amanda Morelli at morelli@sctennis.com with any questions regarding tournaments or if you need more information on filing a grievance through the USTA SC office.

FAQs - Junior Tournaments

Players can now view their record in their individual Player Profiles to see how recent results are impacting their ranking. In this version of the Player Profile, only events in which a player earned rankings points are shown. Click here to find out how to view your tournament record from the Player Profile.

The results are inclusive of events held over the past 52 weeks.  Only events in which a player earned ranking points are shown.  

  • 100% of the singles ranking points from a players’ 6 best Junior Ranking Tournaments.
  • 15% of the ranking points from a player’s best 6 doubles and/or mixed doubles Junior Ranking Tournaments played.
  • Ranking Points earned in an older age division tournament count towards a player’s standing in one or more younger age divisions provided that a Junior Ranking Tournament has been played in the division and they are among the player’s best 6 results.
  • 20% of the Ranking Points earned in a younger age division tournament count towards a player’s standing in the next-older age division if they are among the player’s best 6 results, regardless of whether a Junior Ranking Tournament has been played in that division.

Bonus Points are earned at Ranking Tournaments for significant wins in singles over top 500
players. Click here for more details on how bonus points are calculated.

A player cannot play in two different age divisions in the same event category (ie: Singles or Doubles); however, a player can play in different age divisions in singles and doubles (ie: B14 Singles, B16 doubles), if permitted by the Tournament Director.

Players could get suspension points for entering two or more tournaments that occur on the same date. Two suspension points for first offense, five for any other. 

Aging up is when a player’s date of birth requires them to move to the next age division and is no longer eligible for the younger age division. Playing up is when a player enters an older age division but the player is still eligible to play in the younger division.

Players age up during the first day of the month that they turn 11, 13, 15, 17, or 19.

Points from the younger age division are removed from the current standings as their eligibility has expired. It is suggested that 6-8 months before a player ages up that they start to participate in tournaments in the higher age division in order to earn points and become accustomed to the level and style of play in the older age division.

Ranking Points earned in an older age division tournament count towards a player’s standing in one or more younger age divisions provided that a Junior Ranking Tournament has been played in the younger division during the calculation period.  These results must also be among the player’s best 6 results, and a player must win a match. 

To clarify, if a 14 year old ONLY played up in the 16U division during the computation period, then she/he would not appear in the 14U division national standing list.

Declaring residency shall determine the players who may play in Closed Sectional and District Tournaments, the players who may appear on a Sectional Quota List, and the players who may be selected to represent a Sectional Association or District Association in a team competition. 

Players can only declare/update their residency once per calendar year. You must declare residency prior to registering for a closed USTA tournament.

Click here for instructions on how to declare your residency. 

Click here for instructions on how to declare your linked child’s residency. 

Beginning in January 2021, USTA switched to ONE nationwide structure of junior tournaments. Seven (7) levels of tournaments ranging from lowest level of intermediate tournament classified as Level 7 to USTA National Championships classified as Level 1.  There is ONE national ranking system for the Level 1-7 ranking tournaments.  ONE set of nationwide ranking tables determine the points earned in all ranking tournaments.  You can find more information through the following link – Junior Competitive Structure Changes 2021.