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Learn Serve Tennis with webinars from USTA

Serve Tennis: General Overview

This session will provide an overview of what Serve Tennis is and what can be done using the system. The aim of this session is to get you thinking about what Serve Tennis can do and how it can help your CTA!  

Feb 27th @ 1pm EST: Register Here 

Serve Tennis: Serve Tennis: Programming, Community Events & Camps

This session will provide a detailed look at how to create programs and camps in Serve Tennis and how to handle the administration process. We will also look at how Custom Forms, Discounts & Credits can be utilized in conjunction with coaching sessions

March 8th @ 1pm: Register Here 

March 9th @ 6pm: Register Here  

Serve Tennis: Website Module 

This session will review the Website Module and how Serve Tennis can provide your CTA with a FREE, easy to create and update website. We will also explore how the site can be used in addition to a current website you might already have

March 13th @ 1pm: Register Here  

March 14th @ 6pm: Register Here 

Serve Tennis: Memberships & Contacts 

This session will review how to create membership packages within Serve Tennis (free & paid) and how all modules link back into the contacts module, reducing administration time and boosting marketing efforts! 

Monday 20th @ 1pm: Register Here 

Tuesday 21st @ 6pm: Register Here