Our mission is to improve lives by developing and promoting the growth of tennis

Thank you, Kevin Light and Mike Ward

Two South Carolina volunteers are rolling off as CTA President.

Thank you, Kevin, for your longtime service as the CTA president to the Florence Tennis Association. The FTA is a critical partner with USTA South Carolina, and we appreciate all you have done for the Florence area and the state.

Thank you, Mike, for your service as CTA president of the Lowcountry Youth Tennis Association. We, at USTA SC, appreciate everything you do for tennis in one of the hottest tennis markets in the Palmetto State.

USTA SC has 18 Community Tennis Associations, which are local market affiliates of USTA SC. Each CTA is an incorporated, geographically defined, not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization that supports or provides programs which promote and develop the growth of tennis.